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7km from Hopetown (128km from Kimberley.)


* White water rafting 2 to 4 days, 40km.
   We make use of 2 man rafts called crocs and 
bigger rafts when required
* Abseiling 32m from "Ou Brug"
* Team building on and off river, drumming, firewalking,
* Fishing
* Cliff jumping 6m
* Photography Available after the tour
* Birding
* Bush camp at "Disselfontein" when available
* Running rapids with only a lifejacket.

All adventurous souls over 6, school groups, family and friends,
corporate adventures, executives groups.

Good rapids plenty fun

Best September to April

Base Camp:
"Die Stalle" in Hopetown or "Disselfontein Camp"

Difficulty level: 
Grade 1 to 4 with some technical rapids. No rapids are compulsory.

From Joburg:
580km to Hopetown and the Orange River.


* Good White water rafting with plenty rapids. The big one is called "Hellsgate" or
   "Thunder Alley" grade 3 to 4.
* Abseiling 32m from "Ou Brug"
* Jump/Launch/Drop 6m from "Heart stop rock" into Orange River
* Fishing yellow and barbel
* Fishing Tours available

* Photography
* Birding
* Interesting geology
* Stargazing
* Watch game on banks, Eland,Koedoe,Ribbok,Gemsbok,Warthog etc Fish Eagle, Blackeagle. 


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Made it Hellsgate Hellsgate1
 Hellsgate - Made It!!                                                                              Camping on the banks of the Orange River

 Hellsgate3  Hellsgate4
  Hellsgate - Chicken Run, not for chickens                                            Hellsgate - Not very "elegant"