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Parys Vaal River


* White water rafting 1 to 2 days,  We make use of 2 man rafts called crocs and
   bigger rafts when required
* Team building 
* Conferences
* 4 x Four

* Abseiling
* Angling
* Horse trips
* Game viewing
* Hiking
* Moonlight rafting
* Hot air ballooning
* Glider flips
* Micro light flips
* Quad biking
* Paintball
* Drumming

All adventurous souls over 8 years, school groups, family and friends, corporate adventures, executive groups.

Good rapids plenty fun, wide range of activities

Between September and May

Base Camp:
Various accommodation options

From Joburg:
120km to Parys and the Vaal River.

Points of Interest: 

* Vredefort dome
* Rare bird species

* Overgrown islands and channels
* Challenging rapids

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Vaal1  Vaal2
Dumped in s-rapid on the Vaal River - Parys                                         6 in a boat at Gatsien Vaal River

Vaal3  Vaal4
Parys, abseil at Leeuwkop                                                                      River rafting Parys, happy chappy