4 Funs Sake!

Team building adventure packages are available at nearly every venue as well as any combination of activities!

Facilitation options include:          
 * iNGWENYA's standard team building activities; 
 * 3rd Party Facilitator supplied by iNGWENYA;
 * Facilitator(s) supplied by the organisation.

With our combined experience in hosting a wide range of Team building events, iNGWENYA is the number one choice for adventure Team building Activities! 

Mobilizing the potential, skills, competencies and energy inherent in teams to focus and align with, and create a shared commitment towards the vision of the organisation.

* Facilitation
* Individual reflection techniques
* Team reflection
* Fire place session
* Experiential team learning

All standard iNGWENYA adventure activities can be incorporated into Team building exercises.

* Rafting 
We make use of 2 Man inflatable rafts called Crocs, life jackets and helmets. We also supply a cooler box and dry bins to keep your personal belongings dry. A safety talk as well as paddling instructions is part of the safety precautions. 

- No alcohol is allowed on or before a rafting or abseiling.
- When the river gets too high, we make use of bigger rafts.
- Trained guides will accompany all groups. 

teambuilding1   teambuilding2
Team floating Orangeriver - Hopetown                                                  Team castle building Orangeriver - Hopetown

- What time do we start?
     We meet at 8h30 at (map included) for a morning raft and 13h00 for an afternoon raft.

- Groups size?
     Minimum of 6 persons.

- Meals and refreshments are not included.
- How safe are the cars?
    Cars are left safely at Rocky Ridge.

- How do we get back to the cars?
    Transport by operator.

- What to bring?
     Swimming gear that dries out quickly and protects as much as possible against sunburn.

     Sunscreen is essential. Shirt with long sleeves, cap, swimming trunk and slip slops.
     At least 1 Litre/ ½ day rafting of energizing fluids.
     Snacks like chocolates, a screw cap container for smoker’s cigarette butts and drinks for the thirsty afterwards. Camera, personal medication if any
     special medical condition exists.

General info:
All Cell phones, jewelry, and wallets should be left in the cars. Facilities such as basic braai equipment and ablution block with hot water are available too.

1: Town to Rocky Ridge: 3 to 3½ hours (big Daddy)
2: Rocky Ridge to Gatsien: 2½ to 3 (very active)
3: Town to Gatsien: 5 to 6 hours
4: Vaaldam to Groenpunt: 4 to 5 hours (Vischgat)
5: 3 Day multi-activity tour including a game drive, quad biking, Island bumming and plenty of
    rafting / kayaking and fishing. Abseiling can also replace some other activities.

* Abseiling 
This high adrenalin activity was initially developed for mountain and other rescues. Now it has become very popular with tourists as well as corporate groups.

- We make use of a double rope system where the (trained) guide controls the progress of the “abseiler” down a cliff side to the bottom.
- What to bring: Sturdy rubber soled shoes or boots, cap, sunscreen, denims and camera. Personal medication if any special health condition exists.
   Non alcoholic drinks (1L/ person) Lots of courage.
- Cars will be left at a safe spot at the abseiling site.

teambuilding3   teambuilding4
Abseiling at Pella, Orangeriver 54 meters                                              Abseiling 54m Kambreek

* Hiking
Quad biking

It takes place under control of guides. After the necessary safety equipment was issued and instructions, the guide lead the group on a route depending on the groups expertise.

* Paintball 
This is a good way to get rid of aggression. Helmets, overalls and front protecting for the females are issued. The instructors explain the rules of the game. 200 Balls is standard but more is available on request.

* Mind Crackers/Builders 
We do have about 40 different games from highly active to less active. All of them are constructed to help getting teams together while having fun.

* Inflatable Obstacle Course 
We make use of different inflatable equipment depending on the required effect and budget of the group. A big slide and dunking pool adds a fun element to all this. Foose Ball and Sumo Wrestling suits are also available but is more of an individual activity.

* Drumming is an excellent team building exercise
Each participant receives either an African drum or some African musical instrument. The drum leader teaches the individuals some rhythms and helps them make music in smaller groups and as a team.

teambuilding5   teambuilding6
Drumming as team building                                                                   Drumming Fun

Time span
Midweek or weekends.  

Discounts offered on midweek Team building activities.
* ½ Day (Vaalriver @ Parys) 
* 1 Day  (Vaalriver @ Parys)
* 2 Days and 2 Nights 
* 3 Days fully catered or in a rustic camp with no phones or electricity. 
* Any other time span can be catered for. 

Custom Team building events can be arranged at a wide variety of venues.   
Popular iNGWENYA Team building Venues are: 

* Vaalriver @ Parys  
* Orange River @ Hellsgate (Douglas)   
* Orange River @ Pella  
* Olifants River @ Burgersfort

Further information on the above venues are available on their respective pages 

Team building @ Parys 
Prices are negotiable!  
Packages can be customized! 

  • * Corporate Team Building 
  • * Birthday Parties
    * Bachelors Parties
    * Year-end Functions 
    * Private groups for Fun!

Combine any of the activities below for a tailor made package:
Rates are per person and refreshments are included. Minimum group sizes apply.

* Rafting 2.5 Km (incl refreshments)
* Rafting 3.5 Km (incl refreshments)
* Rafting 3.5 Km (incl Sun downers)
* Rafting 8 Km (incl Lunch and refreshments)
* Sun downer mini paddle
* Rafting 3 days (incl refreshments, sleeping in the wild, in own tents or wherever we stop over).
* Rafting upper Vaal
* Abseiling (incl refreshments)
* Fire Walking
* Extreme elements package (Rafting, abseiling, fire walking) 15% Discount
* Drumming
* 1st Aid team building New
* Inflatable obstacle course New
* Paintball (incl 100 balls)
* Quad biking 1hour
* Quad biking 2hours
* Raft fishing trips
* 4x4 (own vehicle)
* Team building games
* Amazing race
* Fishing Safaris