4 Funs Sake!


White Water Rafting since 1997

Thousands of people participate annually in our rafting, 4x4, abseiling, equestrian, hiking, biking and birding tours. Whether you want to experience river rafting, use our team building exercises expertise to enhance your business team or hold a conference (or a "bosberaad") with a distinct difference, we have a package for you. 

Our itinerary covers South Africa from east to west, north to south.We design customised tours to serve your exact needs.

Conference and team building events are suited to your requirements.  Indulge in eco-tours and exhilarating adventure to your heart's content.
There are few greater adventures than a 8-day river rafting tour @ Pella! 

Please visit www.riverraftingparys.co.za or www.lethabocorporateevents.co.za for our Vaal River Packages.

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Kids play Birthday, Vaal River Parys                                                       Ash River Big water rapids    

fun3   fun4 
Good try...but no good! Vaal River Parys                                                Having fun on Vaal River Parys